Haulin' in the Holler 25k Trail race is made up of .9 miles of paved/gravel road and the rest single and double track trails

The race begins on a gravel/paved road for about .9 miles to allow time to spread the field before entering the single track trail. Aid station one will be located about 5 miles into the race. After the road you will follow the signes into the trails taking you into the hills.The trails switch back up the hills on a rolling climb around the hills for about 8 miles before following a rolling trail on the backside of the hills just below the ridgeline. Between mile 10 and 11 yoou will find aid station 2 from which you will begin a rolling descent back to the fairgrounds and the finish line. Orange surveyor ribbon will be placed along the trail to mark the route with double ribbons placed at turns on the side the turn is to be made. yellow ribbon placed on ground indicates routes that are not to be taken. Scouts and other volunteers will be at places that may be confusing.


The 50K is 2 loops of the 25K course


The 5K begins the same as the 25K through the 1st 1.5 miles. Right after the 5K aid station, which is about halfway through the race, the 5K will separate from the 25K/50K. The 5 K will follow trails remaining on the Front side of the hills following Blue ribbons back to the finish line at the fairgrounds.